This Forum will offer workshops, open discussions, & artistic experiences allowing everyone to exchange thoughts on pedagogy for the future in service of social transformation.


Alexander Schieffer

Co-founder of Trans4m

Unleashing Human Gene-I-Us: A Transformative Whole Life Learning Journey

Alexander Schieffer is Co-Founder of Trans4m & of the Integral Worlds approach. Professor Alexander Schieffer is a graduate of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, where he teaches Integral Development & Personal & Societal Transformation. Alexander found his passion in turning education & research into vehicles for holistic transformation & innovation, supporting humanity’s transition to an integral paradigm. He co-developed the Integral Worlds approach, a highly innovative, culturally adaptable framework for individual, organizational & societal transformation. His organization Trans4m has grown into a local-global movement (headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, & Hotonnes, France) of integral Transformation Agents who are holistically impacting their societies on critical issues. Trans4m’s cutting edge programs, processes, & interventions (including a global Ph.D. Program on Integral Development) generate culturally relevant responses to burning issues on the ground. Its programs are spread across Africa (from South Africa to Zimbabwe to Nigeria), in the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine), in Asia (Sri Lanka, India), Europe (Switzerland, Germany, UK), South America (Brazil) & the USA.

Joan Melé

President of Fundación Dinero y Conciencia & Ethical banking in Latin America

The Human Dignity as foundation of a New Economy

The shift from a mindset of "survival of the fittest" to "the art of becoming human" is the biggest task of education today. We must start educating the individual not out of fear, but out of values, emphasizing trust & collaboration; recognizing one's passion & purpose in life; & instilling a "growth mindset", where developing one's potentials is a lifetime pursuit. Most importantly, we need to recognize that the key to any pursuit is commitment: having the courage to commit, with all the abilities one has, putting it into service to also help the world in its becoming. J

Joan Melé is the president of Fundación Dinero y Conciencia, along with his work as a lecturer, consultant, & trainer in values. He leads the pioneering formation & development of Ethical Banking in Latin America and is a member of the Advisory Board of Triodos Bank.


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