|The Social Initiative Forum|

The Social Initiative Forum (SIF) is a non-profit initiative hosted by the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum. SIF connects initiatives & individuals addressing key social issues of our time manifesting in communities around the world. SIF aims to support social organizations working mainly, but not exclusively, through an Anthroposophical approach, to reduce poverty, marginalization & to minimize disadvantaged conditions in communities.

SIF is becoming a vibrant community that organizes international Forums led by local people in cooperation with the network. Its online platform presents the work carried out by spiritually-minded social initiatives around the world. SIF organizations & individuals work toward social transformation through initiatives in the fields of education, agriculture, medicine, economics, & the arts.

The network members are grassroots initiatives working in places & communities where results of globalization have had devastating effects on local populations. Their aim is to create the right conditions for human beings to take up a dignified, conscious life. The task of the SIF team is to develop & grow this network, & to advocate the great work being done by its members.

|History of SIF|

In 2000, Truus Geraets and Ute Craemer initiated the World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF)  to create a network of support for anthroposophical and spiritually-minded social organisations and individual workers. The aim of this self-sustainable network would be to empower each member in their task of addressing issues such as marginalisation, poverty, and other forms of injustice in society.

In 2015, the co-founders handed the project over to the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum, where it continues to host the Social Initiative Forum (SIF) under the leadership of Joan Sleigh.

By 2017, numerous Forums led by local people in collaboration with the SIF network had happened across four continents, inviting and connecting hundreds of people all over the world.

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